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41th bcs circular pd

One more BCS coming for job seekers This will be the 41st BCS. The BCS will be general (general). This will be taken to 2,353 people in this BCS.

Demand for the 41st BCS has been sent from Ministry of Public Administration to Government Public Service Commission (PSC). Now at the convenient time, the PSC will publish the notification by issuing the notification of this BCS.

PSC and Public Administration Ministry sources said that PSC has received instructions from the Ministry of Public Administration for the 41st BCS examination. They got the demand letter sent from the ministry. This will be the most cadre of education cadres. 915 people will be appointed in this cadre. In this, 905 lecturers in BCS education, 10 lecturers in technical education department will be taken.

The education cadre will be recruited more after education. 323 people will be appointed in the administration

Police will get 100, BCS Health Assistant 110 people and Assistant Dental Surgeon 30 people.

25 people in the country, 23 people in Ansar, assistant deputy superintendent of police (audit and accounts) 25, assistant tax commissioner (tax) 60, assistant commissioner (tax and excise) 23 and assistant registrar 8 will be taken.

Statistics Officer in the statistics and information management department will be 12, Assistant Engineer Engineer 4, Assistant Traffic Superintendent 1, Assistant Equipment Controller 1, Assistant Engineer (Civil) 20, Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) 3 will be taken to the Ministry of Railways.

In the Ministry of Information, Assistant Director or Information Officer or Research Officer of 22, Assistant Director (Program) 11, Assistant Message Controller 5, Assistant Radio Engineer 9, Local Government Division Assistant Engineer 36, Assistant Forest Conservator 20.

Assistant post master general posts 2, 15 for BCS fisheries, 76 for livestock, 183 for agricultural extension officer and 6 for scientific officer, 4 assistant assistant to BCS trade.

Family Planning Officer 4, BCS Food Assistant Food Controller 6 and Assistant Maintenance Engineers 2, BCS Public Assistant Assistant Engineer (Civil) 36 and Assistant Engineer (EM) 15 people, including 2,353 officers will be appointed in this BCS .

Asked about the BCS, PSC chairman Mohammad Sadiq told the first light that the demands of the 41st BCS were found from the Ministry of Public Administration. Now the necessary steps will be taken in this regard.

Noting that the 41st BCS would not be special, Mohammad Sadiq said many people thought that 41st BCS would be special. But that’s not it.

When asked about the BCS’s circular being published, Mohammad Sadiq said, “We have some BCS work in our hands. By the end of this year, the 41st BCS circular may be published by September or October.

PSC chairman said, in the 41st BCS, 2,335 people will be taken (cadre). However, there are enough candidates in the first and second classes of the non-cadre candidates who are getting adequate seats from the BCS. As such, if everybody passes oral examination in BCS, there is a possibility of getting a guaranteed job.

PSC releases notice on September 11 last year for the 40th BCS. 40th BCS application is started from September 30. It has 4 lakh 12 thousand 532 candidates. The preliminary examination of this BCS was held on May 3. About 83 thousand examinees were absent. There are 1,013 cadres in this BCS.

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